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4 to 40 is an initiative to connect people experiencing disability with forward-thinking employers who embrace a flexible 4 to 40 hour work week.


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travel training program

  • Program Objective

    The objective of the Travel Training Program is to provide the knowledge and practical skills that are needed to travel independently on public transit.

  • Who is Eligible?

    The Travel Training program is in a pilot phase. Its starting point is to assist people experiencing disability who want to learn to ride city transit. In the future it may expand to include: seniors, newcomers, etc.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan your trip
  • Read & understand maps and technology (TransitLive)
  • Navigate your way to the bus
  • Board & exit the bus
  • Travel safely

There are many benefits that come from learning to ride city transit, including: increased freedom, confidence, independence and access to services. It also creates a greater sense of community and reduces costs!

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Donna Flaman Johnson

Donna Flaman Johnson

Inclusive Employment Broker
 Joana Valamootoo

Joana Valamootoo

Employment Partnership Consultant
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Benjamin Morris

Travel Training Program