What is the Travel Training program?

Objective: To provide the knowledge and practical skills that are needed to travel independently on public transit.
Who is Eligible: The Travel Training program is in a pilot phase. Its starting point is to assist people experiencing disability who want to learn to ride city transit. In the future it may expand to include: seniors, newcomers, etc.
You will learn how to:
• Plan your trip
Read & understand maps and technology (TransitLive)
• Navigate your way to the bus
• Board & exit the bus
• Transfer buses
• Travel safely
There are many benefits that come from learning to ride city transit, including: increased freedom, confidence, independence and access to services. It also creates a greater sense of community and reduces costs!

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How much does the program cost?

The program is free!
While you are participating in travel training, bus fare is free. Once training is complete, you will need to purchase an R-Card at:
• Transit Information Centre – 2124 11th Ave. Regina, SK
• Transit Operations Centre – 333 Winnipeg St. Regina, SK
• Any Transit Agent.

*If you are a paratransit customer and learn how to use conventional transit, you will be able to continue to use paratransit when needed.


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