Peter Rhodes is the kind of guy who likes to work to live! Yes a job is important to him, but doing the things he loves comes first. So often in life it’s the work we do which end up defining us instead of the things that make us happy. Not for Peter.

Currently, Pete has two jobs. By day he works at Ambassador’s Coffee Services cleaning and restoring equipment, and by night he works in the kitchen at one of Regina’s hottest restaurants The Lobby. Now, one would think that two jobs would be enough, but not for Peter. When asked if he liked working two jobs he joked, “Well, I’d actually like a third job at the fire station. That would be my dream job. I just want to help people!”

When asked what he would do with all the money he would make from three jobs Peter replied, “I would buy the rest of my scuba gear. That, and I would go to Disneyland and Vancouver again.” Peter has enjoyed recreational scuba diving for a couple years now in public pools and practices techniques most times when he goes swimming. His dream is to “retire on the British Columbia coast where he can search for sunken treasures and see things that most people don’t get to see.”

Finally, I asked Peter about what he enjoys most about working and he replied, “I like making money, but I don’t worry too much about working. I like to play video games with friends and reading comics. I like the Hulk. The people I work with are nice but I usually like to relax.”

In a day and age where living to work is prevalent and we often put holds on our dreams to make way for responsibility, it is great to see people who still care enough to maintain a healthy balance.

Thanks Pete!


Ben Morris,

Community Education and Outreach

Creative Options Regina