What is customized employment?

Customized employment is a non-traditional form of job creation that seeks to create a symbiotic relationship between a prospective employee and employer. Many employers have tasks that they would like performed, however, they find that they must either attach these tasks to existing positions, or go without having the tasks performed altogether. By customizing a position, designed to meet the needs of both the employer and employee, new efficiencies can be implemented in the workplace.

Are there any supports available to assist with the new employee’s transition?

Yes. The responsibility for training remains with the employer, however a job coach can help to ensure a smooth transition. 4to40 employs talented coaches to help the new employee achieve high efficiencies and standards and to integrate into the workplace.

How much will it cost to hire a candidate?

This will depend on the negotiated outcome between the potential employer and employee. An individual may work as little as 3 hours a week up to 40 hours a week. An hourly rate can be anywhere from minimum wage to whatever is agreed upon as reasonable compensation for the identified tasks.

Can a potential employee with an intellectual disability be relied upon to come to work on time every day?

Absolutely! All of the potential candidates in 4to40 have demonstrated their ambition to be meaningful employees who can be counted on to perform duties promptly, at high standards, and with enthusiasm.

What if the employer would like to eventually increase the employees hours worked per week as different tasks are identified?

As with any employee, this simply requires discussing the possibility of increased hours with the employee, along with the Inclusive Employment Broker or someone from the employee’s support team.

Does 4to40 select the potential employee or can the employer interview candidates?

This is entirely up to the employer. 4to40 believes that this is all part of the hiring process and we can assist the employer by making suggestions in order to find the best fit for the position being offered.

Can anyone be part of 4to40?

4to40 is open to all employers.  It is not, unfortunately, open to all job seekers.  Job seekers must be a part of Creative Options Regina (COR) or Campus For All. In the future, 4to40 may expand to include other job seekers, but there is no plan in place for this to happen right away. Please refer to this site for further developments.