A Message From an Inclusive Employer

“As a member of the 4 to 40 steering committee I would like to welcome you to the site, and congratulate you on taking your first steps to better understand the value of supported employment in your workplace.

SaskTel has been committed to supported employment for several years, not only as a way to build a workforce that represents the province in which we live and serve, but also as a way of creating a workplace that is open and inclusive for all people.

Through job customization and the use of natural supports, SaskTel develops meaningful employment opportunities that maximizes the overall potential of work teams.
Supported employees enable work units to accomplish many tasks that are necessary for day to day operation which allows other members of the team to focus on the core duties of their positions. These positions provide meaningful employment for individuals with cognitive disabilities while assisting work teams achieve higher levels of productivity, in flexible work schedules that can vary from 4 to 40 hours a week.
Through supported employment, SaskTel is better able to serve our customers and improve work processes. However, the single largest impact on our organization through supported employment (by far) has been the impact on our employees and our overall work culture. In the workplaces where SaskTel has created supported employment opportunities for individuals with cognitive disabilities, co-workers have benefitted from having a peer who is fully engaged, passionate and proud to work for their organization.
With benefits such as these, why not consider supported employment for your organization?”
Kevan McBeth
Former Manager – Culture, Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity

Ralph Goodale, Inclusive Employment Advocate

The Business Case for Inclusive Employment

Don Black, Inclusive Employment Champion

Greystone Managed Investments

Dr. Vianne Timmons (President) and Doug Cripps (Associate Dean), University of Regina

Greg Honey, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Farm Credit Canada

Mark Wafer, Inclusive Employment Champion

The Bakers Dozen, my 13 key expectations of a service agency recruiting people with disabilities into my business. - Mark Wafer

Jan 12, 2016 As private sector companies begin to realize that there are sound economic reasons to be fully inclusive […]

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Celebrating Inclusive Employers

Jordan and SaskTel

Employer: SaskTel
Job Title: HR Assistant
Hours of Work: 12 Hrs/Week

Peter and Ambassador Coffee

Employer: Ambassador Coffee
Job Title: Special Services
Hours of Work: 12 Hrs/Week

Ted and Morsky Group

Employer: Morsky Group of Companies
Job Title: Facility Technician
Hours of Work: 6 Hrs/Week

Roger and SeedMaster

Employer: SeedMaster
Job Title: Shop Hand
Hours of Work: 3 Hrs/Week

Amanda and the YMCA

Employer: YMCA
Job Title: Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Hours of Work: 20 Hrs/Week