What is 4to40?

4 to 40 is an initiative to connect people experiencing disability with forward-thinking employers who embrace a flexible 4 to 40 hour work week. 4to40 was created as a partnership between Creative Options Regina (COR) and Campus For All (CFA), University of Regina. COR is a non-profit organization that develops personalized support services for people experiencing disability, while CFA is an inclusive post secondary educational initiative at the University of Regina.

Who is 4to40?

Creative Options Regina (COR) and Campus For All came together as we share a similar vision and philosophy regarding the value and abilities of the individuals we serve. We believe that every person has inherent value and deserves to fully participate in both our community and the workplace.
Through this collaboration, we have brought together like minded organizations as consulting partners, including: SaskTel, Strategy Lab, Farm Credit Canada, and the YMCA Regina.
4to40 is partially funded through the Government of Saskatchewan – Ministry of Economy, Supported Employment Transition Initiative (SETI).
We are also a proud supporter of Employlink and a proud member of The Canadian Association for Supported Employment.
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What we believe?

We believe that people experiencing disability have much to offer the workplace and community; however, it is imperative to take people with intellectual disabilities out of mainstream competition for paid employment. It is not an equal playing field! The ideal method for a person with an intellectual disability to attain meaningful, paid employment happens through job customization.
Attaining a deeper understanding of both the job seeker and business needs is essential to attaining genuine and meaningful employment for persons experiencing disability. Using a personalized approach, 4to40 explores each individual job seeker’s goals, values, dreams and employment ambitions.
It is equally important to identify employer needs, goals, values and attitudes, to determine a “best fit” for each job seeker. Subsequently, we are networking with business leaders to discuss and develop potential employment opportunities.
Job customization has the ability to occur within any sector given the needs of the employer and skill-set of the prospective employee. To be effective, one must deeply understand the operation and nature of each individual workplace, or even work area, to uncover the opportunities that lie within.
Through the development of collaborative relationships, 4to40 strives to attain meaningful paid employment for individuals served by COR and Campus For All.  4to40 is framed in the realm of possibility, not scarcity or deficits.
By utilizing a team approach (COR Support Personnel and Campus For All Staff) 4to40 provides ongoing support and mentorship to both the employee and employer. We are promoting and supporting the development of natural supports within the workplace and aim to provide ongoing job coaching and maintenance to build collaborative relationships for success.